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As a material and machine customer of Seal Maker you will enjoy additional advantages.
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When does it make sense to invest into a Seal Maker machine system for the production of lathe-cut seals?

Basically when there is a regular demand for hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Our offer is primarily targetting at companies already established in the seal sector. Especially when standard seals cannot meet the end user's requirements, or maybe not fully meet the requirements (pertaining to performance, variety, availability,...), then it makes sense to invest into a Seal Maker machine system for the production of lathe-cut seals. Hydraulic repair workshops, too, as well as maintenance departments of big production companies, and also start-up companies with experience in the seal sector, may benefit from our machine systems.

What are the investment needs for the purchase of a Seal Maker machine system?

This depends primarily on the chosen machine size, and on the volume of the material stock. If you decide in favor of a SML 500e machine in its basic version, then the investment needs for the machine itself start with at about 100.000 Euros (depending on version and options), plus transportation and installation. In addition a material stock will be needed, its volume you can decide yourself. In line with our experience the value of the material stock ranges between 20.000 and 30.000 Euros. Our sales department will provide you a detailed offer.

Which customer support is offered by Seal Maker „AFTER“ the purchase of a Seal Maker machine system?

For Seal Maker the purchase of a machine is just the start of a co-operation, and therefore a start of the customer support. Not only our sales team (office and field staff), but also our technical department is at our customers' disposal at any time. In addition, our service technicians offer support via phone, email and instant messaging, as well as personally at our customer's workshop, for any question pertaining to our machines.

What is the advantage of Seal Maker machines?

The Seal Maker SML machines are notable for the quality standard of their finish (Made in Austria), and for the resulting reliability. The SMLe – series, available since 2009, has been designed by our R&D department especially for the production of seals, and therefore our machines are characterized by the very best price – performance ratio. The modern design, free of any unnecessary “ballast” (such as hydraulics, tailstock, overdimensioned machine components,...) allows for an efficient (low energy consumption) and output-oriented operation. In addition we are continuously working on options which may also be installed in already set up machines, so that the machine owner gets the possibility to upgrade his already installed machine (e.g. driven cutting tools, automation chuck,....)

With the purchase of a Seal Maker SML machine you are in a respectable society. We are proud that besides regional important companies practically all the big international “global players” in the seal industry are our customers.

What is the „Full-System-Package“ FSP?

Seal Maker has created the “Full-System-Package“ FSP in 2009, and it has been the most popular version of acquiring a machine ever since. With the FSP offer we are mainly aiming at companies interested in a long lasting and close co-operation with Seal Maker. An FSP-customer enjoys the advantage of a machine price discounted up to 25%. Our sales department will be happy to inform you in detail.

Does the SML – System software undergo a continuous future development?

Yes, Seal Maker employs several staff members concentrating on the further development of the

SML – System software . Major attention is turned to the continuous extension of the profile database, the optimization of the chipping cyles, and therefore as a consequence at the reduction of the production time of the seals. Of course we also work continuously on the program structure. All the resulting improvements and additional functions are regularly put at the disposal of our customers.

Are the SML – Systemsoftware – Updates free of charge?

Yes, basically every SML customer does have the right to get the updates for the SML software free of charge. For FSP customers this is clearly specified in the FSP agreement. For customers without FSP we guarantee the free delivery of software upgrades for a time span of at least 5 years. Usually our regular customers get free software updates also after the 5 years period.

Do I need to service my SML – machine regularly?

Yes. Generally speaking all machines, therefore CNC controlled lathe machines too, should get serviced regularly in order to ensure the operational reliability and the accuracy for a long period of time.

The careful selection and the approved design of the machine components of the SML machines reduce the maintenance requirements to an absolute minimum. Detailed service instructions are a part of the scope of supply. In addition our customers may ask for a service to be carried out by our service technicians, or to sign up for a service contract. FSP customers enjoy one service per year free of charge, carried out by our service technicians.

Is it possible to upgrade my existing SML – machine by installing options?

All new generation SML machines (out of the e-series) can get upgraded at any time with a wide range of options. The advantage is that the initial investment at the time of the purchase my be kept low, and later on the desired options (e.g.increase the capacity) my be added.

What are the advantages of the Seal Maker materials (semi-finished products)?

Semi-finished products of Seal Maker are characterized by the high quality of the basic material as well as by their excellent availability. Both the elastomer and the polyurethane billets (except the D 57 versions) get delivered with a clamping ring, and the elastomers in a hard shell. This ensures an economical handling of the high quality seal materials, and a better dimensional stability of the end product.

Which production method does Seal Maker use for the production of the billets?

Depending on the different material groups Seal Maker is using different modified techniques like casting, injection molding and autoclave-vulcanization. This does not only ensure the high production flexibility in order to meet the customer requirements within a minimum of time, but also the high quality level as required by our customers for the billets and consequently for the seals produced thereof.

The specific Seal Maker know-how is in the production of high quality seal materials with weights of several kilograms.

Are injection molded (pressed) seals of better quality than the machined ones?

No. The continuous development of materials and their methods of production have made the lathe-cut seals at least as good as the traditionally produced seals, and this already for many years. To a certain extent the machining process results in smaller tolerances of the end product than the traditional production techniques could provide. The well performed machining is definitely not a loss of quality.

Where can I purchase Seal Maker seals?

Except in the Austrian home market Seal Maker does not deliver seals to end users.

Seal Maker's core business are the deliveries to the seal industry. For Seal Maker's machine and material customers deliveries of seals as a „Back-Up-Services“ are possible. This is mainly done when the Seal Maker customer does not have the capacity, or when the complexity or the dimensions of the required seal exceed the possibilities of the customer.

In some areas Seal Maker seals may also be available at special seal dealers. More detailed information is available from our sales staff.

Does Seal Maker also offer training courses?

Yes. Training on the machine is an integral part of our machine business. These operator training normally takes 1 week and is held in our factory in Poettelsdorf (Austria). For our customers located in the Asian / Pacific area the training courses are held in Singapore.

On request we can also offer training courses for the programming of seals and special parts. To our machine customers we normally offer the training in Austria or in Singapore free of charge. Training on site, in a customer's workshop, will be invoiced.

In special cases we can also offer training in seal technology, but – due to the high qualification of our customers – these trainings are held very rarely.

What are the usual times of delivery?

Usually our customers enjoy fast deliveries of seals and materials within a few days only. Under exceptional circumstances the delivery of small and medium orders might take a little longer (up to 1 – 2 weeks). We are maintaining a reasonable material stock for our customers, and in case of an urgent demand we can also deliver items on stock at the same day the order comes in.

The time of delivery for machines depends on the existing pile of orders and on the order preparation, and under normal circumstances the delay varies between 6 and 12 weeks.

Which certificates can Seal Maker issue for the products to be delivered?

Machines always get dispatched wit a CE certificate. A special acceptance certificate with test record, proving the accuracy of the machine, is included in the machine documentation.

For seal materials various certificates are available compliant to FDA, KTW, RGD,... , and also material data sheets and safety data sheets.

Certificates for seals, e.g. like EN 10204-2.1, EN 10204-2.2, EN 10204-3.1 are available on request.

Kindly inform our sales personnel about an eventual requirement of a certificate already when you ask for an offer, because in many cases it is not possible to issue a certificate after the goods have left our factory.

More detailed information is available from our sales department.


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